Great Reasons to Shop Our Bridal Sample Sale

Great Reasons to Shop Our Bridal Sample Sale. Mobile Image

May 19, 2017

A bridal sample sale has a certain chaotic connotation thanks to popular culture. Running brides, long lines, and a need for teammates are among the most common conceptions, but thats not quite how we do things here. In fact, if you make an appointment for our sample sale its just like any other appointment. Youll get one-on-one attention from your consultant and youll have plenty of time to calmly try on lots of gowns. At our sample sales you dont lose anything in the experience, you just get a chance to knock a chunk off the price of a beautiful bridal gown.     We are constantly getting in new stock gowns and we simply have to make room for them. Thats where you get to come in. You can peruse racks of sample dresses that are all in near-perfect condition by all of the best designers and get a nice discount off the original price. Our sample sale represents all styles and sizes and gives every bride the opportunity to find a gorgeous dress at an affordable price.   Of course aside from price theres the fact that you get to leave the salon with your gown that day. Theres no ordering and no waiting, which makes it perfect if you have a close wedding date. Most bridal gowns take between three and six months to come in, but not every bride is able to wait that long. That immediate turn-around makes sample sales attractive to those whose wedding is right around the corner.   Sample sales are also great for brides who want more than one look on their wedding day. If you want a different gown for your ceremony and your reception why not shop the sale and find two for the price of one? You'll be able to wow your guests with the sudden costume change, make your wedding extra special, and still stay on budget.   Our sample sale is also constantly refreshing itself as we continue to mark down new gowns. Weve updated our sale page to include those newest gowns, and thats just the tip of the iceberg, so be sure to make an appointment to get the full effect.   {Lindsey}