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Oct 20, 2014

pro3   This weeks gown is from Spanish designer Pronovias. Its a lace mermaid gown with a v-neck front and a plunging low back. It is a great example of how to wear lace and still look modern. There is nothing traditional about this dress. The curves, the construction, the low back and low front make the lace much more red carpet than parlor room.   Pro2   The dress is also dramatic, which is something I make note of quite often. This is because a dress that has drama can fill a cathedral and make a big statement the same way a ballgown can. And drama is not the same as glitz or beading or bling. It comes from the unexpected.   pro1   Just imagine the guests watching as the bride walks down the aisle looking demure in the lace, her collarbones practically gleaming, her flowers held out in front. Everything is very bridal and lovely and then as she passes, the guests catch their breadth just a little. Because really, just look at that back. Its daring. It turns the aisle into a runway for just a split second. Guests will clamor for their phones and feel a paparazzi-like rush as they snap pictures. Sounds about perfect.   {Lindsey}