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Sep 22, 2014

IMAG2957 This weeks feature gown is brand new to our store. It was unpacked from its pretty package on Friday afternoon, and I couldnt wait to take it out for a spin. The gown is part of the new bridal collection from Austin Scarlett of Project Runway fame. For those who might be skeptical of the talents and credibility of a reality TV star let me first assure you of Austins credentials and then let me just show you the gown in question. IMAG2958 Gorgeous. And not just gorgeous, refreshing. In a world dominated at the moment by lace the movement and texture of this chiffon is a nice change of pace. Look at the beautiful way it drapes and folds and just imagine it trailing along down the aisle. Because of the lightness of the material it would be easy to classify this as a perfect beach or destination gown, but the details on the dress and the true romanticism of it make it a gown fit for any variety of venues. It can be stately and majestic with diamonds and pearls or whimsical with a crown of fresh flowers. IMAG2960 IMAG2961 The genius of this dress is not just in its design, but is construction. In spite of the free flowing looseness of the gown the waist is still defined and the crisscrossing pattern around the back and middle make the gown look practically sculpted out of fabric. I wish I could just put it on and walk slowly and serenely around the store, but I guess Ill leave that up to all you brides-to-be.   {Lindsey}