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Sep 15, 2014

MaryAG2 Today I am pleased to introduce you to Mary from Augusta Jones. She is one of our newer gowns, and I wanted to show her off a bit. We have so many gowns in our store that the newer ones have to fight hard for a spot at the popular kids table, so to help a girl out I am making a space just for her. MaryAg3 IMAG2902 As I said, Mary is an Augusta Jones gown, which means that the lace is outstanding and the attention to detail unparalleled. She is lightweight and whimsical and to the untrained eye might even be called simple. But Mary isnt simple. She is reserved, for sure. Understated? Yes. Her beauty is sneaky and unexpected. She wins in the details and in her subtleties like the beading that isnt true bling, but helps give her dimension and keeps her from being plain. Shes got lovely kimono sleeves, meaning they flutter a bit compared to the fit of a cap sleeve. Shes also got a fishtail train that has a nice shape and sweep to it and a back that brings a little romance to the scene.I love the softness of the V-neckline as well, and though it might be calling out for a necklace I'd be tempted to just let the beauty of the collarbone do the work. She offers something great for brides who want to show off their shape without going full mermaid and she offers the modesty of a little sleeve with the allure of an open back.   maryAG {Lindsey}