A Getting Ready Tip

A Getting Ready Tip. Mobile Image

Jul 23, 2014

The wedding world is full of frivolous ideas and full of people telling you all the things you need to have in order to have a wedding. Rational people are starting to realize that when it comes to weddings there are no absolutes, and no one but you and your fiancé should be setting any rules. Having said all of that, let me still just tell you one frivolous thing that you need. A nice pretty robe. I urge you to please find a fun little floral robe or a silk robe in a bright color or some soft white vintage robe that you can wear as you get ready on your big day. Youre probably smarter than me and you probably already thought of all the great getting ready photos that you want your photographer to take, and so naturally you have thought of what you will be wearing before you wear what youre wearing. I was not so smart, and the photos of me getting ready include someones old grey hooded sweatshirt and Oscar the Grouch pajama shorts. It never occurred to me that I should have a robe, but after looking at other brides gorgeous pictures I wish I had thought of it. And not just because it would have made for better photos, but because you actually do need a robe. It makes sense. You cant get your hair and makeup done in your dress and you dont want to have to pull anything over your head once its done. Plus being in a robe sets a nice relaxed tone. It helps keep the time before the wedding calm and leisurely. A robe lends itself to mimosas and a chaise lounge.  A cute oversized mens button up would do the trick as well, but the point is you do need something. And so does your wedding party. I mean, if one floral robe is cute, then multiple floral robes must be unstoppable. Plus, they make great gifts. So check out all these cute options below and remember that just because they are pretty and flowery and fun doesnt mean they dont also serve a good purpose.   PPS_new_shop_photos55__03079.1405343763.390.390 Pretty Plum Sugar il_570xN.514448353_h06q  Etsy NMI0FX5_mxNeiman Marcus Plum_Pretty_Suger_BHLDNPPS_2_0649__91788.1405341426.390.390  BHLD