Here is What's New from Watters, WToo & Willowby

Here is What's New from Watters, WToo & Willowby

Here is What's New from Watters, WToo & Willowby. Mobile Image

Aug 08, 2019

I talk a lot about how exciting our Watters trunk shows are. In fact, I talk about them so much that even my husband pays attention. He could explain to any stranger on the street what a trunk show is solely because of Watters. He knows when a Watters show is coming up, and he knows Ill be tired by the end of it - what with all the gowns and glamour and hustle and bustle of it all.

Watters gowns and their counterparts in WToo and Willowby, always bring a lot of energy to the salon. For starters, we always get to see the newest gowns, but we also get to see such a variety. I love how there is something for every bride across the 3 collections. That means there are different styles, shapes, price ranges, moods, tones, colors, and themes.

Styles to Suit Every Bride

This variety puts the bride in control, and I think thats exactly how it should be. You get to choose if you want to be edgy or daring or traditional, and you dont have to do it blindly. You can actually try on all those kinds of gowns in one appointment, from one label and make an informed decision. Variety allows you to compare and contrast in real time without going from store to store endlessly or simply pinning a million wedding dresses to your Pinterest page.

Thats just one of the ways that Watters is built for the modern bride. They understand not only what youre looking for in a wedding dress design, but also in a wedding dress designer. They always seem to be just ahead of the curve, and that slight jump allows them offer styles brides want before they even know they want them.

Ive seen it happen so many times. A bride comes in who has searched high and low for her wedding gown. Shes a little tired, a little demoralized, and her entourage has stopped waving flags and paddles. Everyone just wants to find the dress, but it seems to the bride more and more likely that her dress just doesnt exist. But then along come the new dresses from Watters or WToo or Willowby and there it is the perfect dress. Its not online yet. It isnt in stores yet. The only people to ever put it on are models, and there it is the perfect dress. Her perfect dress. Your perfect dress.

It's such a magical and exciting moment when everything comes together that way, and it's even more exciting on a busy Saturday when the salon is full of people in love and full of beautiful new gowns.

Of course the gowns, as always, are only here for a limited time, so you do have to act fast, but this time around you can enjoy two full weekends of shopping. The Watters trunk show begins August 16th and runs until the 25th, so be sure to make your appointment and find your gown! 410.484.4600.