How to get the Perfect Blush Bridal Party

How to get the Perfect Blush Bridal Party. Mobile Image

Jun 05, 2017

Wedding trends are constantly changing and what is supremely popular one year may not be the next year. Of course some trends have more staying power than others and the color blush just happens to be among those perennial trends. Blush flowers, blush d├ęcor, even blush wedding gowns have been favorable for many years now, but nothing seems more popular than the blush bridal party.   A quick search of Pinterest makes it easily apparent why brides like to put their bridesmaids in blush: its soft and feminine, it looks great next to white and ivory, and it creates a great canvas for accessorizing. But the brides of 2017 dont just want one shade of blush in one fabric, they want to mix and match to create a party that has depth and variety. Its a worthy vision that I fully support, but it can be hard to pull off without a lot of thought and effort. Here are a few ground rules to help you mix and match the perfect blush bridal party.   Know Your Blushes Every designer has a different concept of what blush is, and it might not always coincide with your vision. Some blushes have more beige in them and others have more peach. Looking at colors online is helpful to a point, but its also great to come into the salon and see the swatches in person. Once you know what colors are available it will be a lot easier to piece things together.     Use More Than One Designer If you stick with only one designer, you will likely only have one, or at most two, shades of blush to choose from. By mixing other designers in you help to broaden your color palette. Just be sure that the blushes are similar in tone, but not so similar that they look like a mistake. Also, don't be afraid use a few other neutral shades that compliment your blushes to help round things out and bridge the gap between shades.   Mix Fabrics To help make your choices look more intentional you can use a variety of fabrics or even patterns to build your party. Several of our designers, like Bill Levkoff, have great rose gold sequins gowns that blend in well with blush gowns. Or a pale watercolor print, like this one from Amsale, can help to tie the several shades of blush together. Again, it's easier to see these looks in person, but be prepared to use your imagination too since not every color is always available in store.     {Lindsey}