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Mar 04, 2015

Todays post is for the mothers of brides and grooms. You have all probably been working tirelessly to help plan the big day. You have rounded up addresses from distant relatives. You have answered panicked phone calls about flowers and appetizers and bow ties versus neckties at all hours of the day. You have put in a lot of time and effort and you have listened a lot.   But now moms you have one last important job that you have probably been putting off. You need to find a dress. For yourself. It isnt easy, I know, but its not impossible. We do carry mothers dresses from Watters C20 collection, so you should absolutely check them out {Here} but they take three to four months to come in, so you have to decide early. For moms who have put off finding a gown, they need other options. Which is why I have come to the rescue, scoured the internet for the best dresses, and brought them all to you. dress4   Moms want sleeves. Its almost universal that moms want something with some sort of a sleeve, but too often a sleeve means a jacket, and moms I think you are all far too young and pretty to wrap yourselves up in jackets. This little cap sleeve offers a bit of modesty, but a bit of skin too. Its a nice happy medium between going strapless and wearing a cropped blazer. Find it here!   dress3   This gown is gorgeous and appropriate for women of all ages, but I love it for moms because its very fashion forward. Its got the pop over that is so popular on the red carpet right now, and for a double bonus you wont have trouble finding undergarments for it. It's a bright color, true, but perfect for all the spring and summer weddings. Find it here!   dress2   At first glance this might seem too simple for a stunning mother of the bride or groom, but on closer inspection it is perfect. For starters navy is flattering on everyone and appropriate for any season and any time of day or night. The bow sleeves are adorable, the length is perfect, and the little band at the waist accentuates the thinnest part of you. As for its simplicity it helps ensure that you will look elegant and timeless in every photo. Find it here!   dress1   I love this dress. I love the rich color and the rich texture and the mid length abbreviated mermaid. I love the structure and the shape and the slight cap sleeve. Find it here!   Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 2.24.08 PM   Stunning. The sleeves offered coverage many moms want, but they are sleek and sophisticated. The crisscrossing bodice is figure flattering, the neckline is just daring enough and the peplum really works with the statuesque quality of this gown. Find it here!   Careful all you moms, you just might steal the show.   {Lindsey}