Focusing on Our Brides & Love

Focusing on Our Brides & Love

Focusing on Our Brides & Love. Mobile Image

Sep 16, 2020

Weve been back up and running for a few months now, and we are all getting used to a new normal. The appointments are smaller, and our usually boisterous weekends full of voices and celebrations are noticeably quieter.

Of course, that just makes it easier to hear each, Yes! In fact, what we feel in the salon is probably what so many of our brides feel; a deeper sense of what is precious. The brides we serve, just like the people you love, become all that more important.

Like our brides, we miss the crowds, the gatherings, and the hum of chatter everywhere. We know so many of our brides had to postpone, reschedule, and completely re-imagine their weddings. We know that guest lists were slashed, and that tough and stressful decisions had to be made.

A Bright Spot For Everyone

If you can relate, know that were right there with you. But we hope youre finding the little bit of light that we are. When we strip away our packed schedule of appointments, and when our brides cut down their guest lists, we are all still left with something pretty incredible. For us, we get a reminder of why we do what we do. The bonds we get to form with our brides are always special. Now, they are crucial, especially in a time when social distancing makes including everyone hard.

And for our brides, we see them lean more and more on their inner circle. We see them get creative with their celebrations. We see them call and video chat and seamlessly glide between the real and the digital to create an inclusive experience thats still safe.

2020 has been such a hard year for so many people, but it has at least served to remind us what really matters. Sometimes in the wedding industry, and in planning a wedding, its easy to lose sight of what matters. Fanfare and floral arrangements and yards of lace can sometimes obscure what now seems abundantly clear; people and love and love for people is all there is.

While we eagerly await a time that we can greet a salon brimming with brides and embrace them, and while so many of our brides await the celebration they deserve, we can all at least remain focused and hopeful and full of love.