A Flair for Claire

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Jun 18, 2014

I have seen a lot of wedding dresses. A lot a lot. From hours and hours spent hunched over the computer screen looking over pinterest board after pinterest board in search of my own wedding gown to more than a year pouring over every gown that comes into the store. With that much exposure its easy to get wedding dress overload especially as various trends inspire similar gowns in the wedding world. And so it was a pleasant surprise this afternoon to open up the Claire Pettibone Trunk Show boxes and find all the earmarks of her unique style. In a world of white, ivory and champagne, Claires gowns embrace color. They thrive and breathe and come to life with all the romantic echoes of the vintage eras that inspire them. They are as bold and brazen as they are demure and delicate. The lace is exquisite and the layering of textures and fabrics give them dimension beyond their simple silhouettes. The gowns are show-stopping and made for those with a romantic-vintage-boho-ethereal-whimsical-grandmother's pearls-wedding-under-the-stars-in-a-castle-at-the-edge-of-time flare. If that sounds like you, then I'm pretty sure I know where you should be this weekend.   {Lindsey}   claireblog