First Dance Fridays

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Jul 25, 2014

For a change of pace this Friday I have picked a less predictable first dance song, Here Comes Your Man by the Pixies. Its non-traditional for sure: its fast paced, its edgy, and its really not about anything at all, least of all love. And yet, its perfect. Here comes your man as the two dance haphazardly, maybe even awkwardly around the room. Here comes your man as they maybe, maybe break out into air guitar. Here comes your man, as the guests are filled with joy at watching two people just have fun, hold nothing back, and dance with abandon. Here comes your man. Its not a ballroom or banquet hall song and its not a song for a black tie wedding. Its for beaches and backyards and art galleries. Its for a couple with a sense of humor and a drumbeat of their own. Ideally this is the perfect song for two men to dance to (I imagine a lot more pointing in that dance version, you, no you!) but I think it could be just as fun to see some Betsy Brides enjoy it, too. Here Comes Your Man37747_735475618985_5126914_n