First Dance Fridays

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Mar 06, 2015

Yesterday was a snow day and a perfect day for dancing. It was a perfect day to turn on a happy tune and dance with the reckless abandon of the completely unwatched. I myself danced making breakfast. Then I danced cleaning up breakfast. I washed the dishes, and I danced. I read a little. I danced a little. I chopped vegetables. I marinated chicken. I took photos of the perfectly falling snow. And then I danced a little more.   Sometimes my husband joined in. We bobbed around the living room out of sync with one another. We each have no rhythm and we each gravitate to our own beat. This made practicing for our own first dance nearly impossible. We tried a dozen different song choices. We spent the weeks before our wedding practicing to slow songs and fast songs. Nothing worked, and as the day loomed I was afraid we would embarrass ourselves.   matt and lindsey   So ultimately, in a stroke of genius by me, we went with our strength; we cant dance and we dont care. We attacked the dance with the mentality of a physical comedian. We committed to the scene. When we walked out into our crowd of guests and the music started to play we committed to our inability. My husband was heavy on the air-guitar. I played a mean air-trumpet. He stepped on my dress a few times, and I probably caught his foot once or twice. I was whirled off in all sorts of directions in a way that would have looked sloppy if it wasnt so much fun. We invited our guests to join in, and together clapped and whirled and air-guitared our way across the floor. Technically speaking it was one of the worst first dances, but it was in spirit, and totally objectively speaking, one of the best.   The first dance, for those who are not great dancers can be a scary thing. It can be the part of the wedding you just want to be over, but Im here to tell you to embrace it. Whatever your dance skills may or may not be, embrace them and enjoy each terrifying moment on the dance floor. It gives you the first opportunity to proclaim your love in the realest and therefore most romantic way; this person is making a fool of themselves and I have never loved them more.   Our second anniversary is on Monday, and I am happy to report we are still awkwardly dancing, still embracing our own beat, still making missteps, but still committed to the scene. We are still leaving it all out on the dance floor. We can each look at the other fool, happy to have found such a fool. Here is wishing all of you the same.   And in case you were wondering What is Life - George Harrison. {Lindsey}