Finding a Dress for Mom

Finding a Dress for Mom. Mobile Image

Dec 11, 2017

Mothers gowns are tough. They have always been tough. And lets face it Moms have been tough too. You know its true Moms. You put off finding a dress. You delay. You dread. You wait until the last minute. All you beautiful Moms out there never seem to be aware of how beautiful you are. You try to hide or cover up and you think there just arent good options for you.   I understand completely, but youre also totally wrong. First, I know its easy to put things off, but the sooner you start looking for the perfect gown the easier it will be. While we dont have specific Mom gowns here, we do have bridesmaid gowns that work perfectly. They take 3 4 months to come in, so waiting only makes things more stressful.   As for covering up, Im no fan of strapless gowns for myself, so I get it, but you dont need to cover yourself in fabric in order to be confident either. A simple strap or cap sleeve can help make you feel more secure in your gown without overwhelming you. We dont really have gowns that have a true sleeve, but you dont need them.   I do agree that finding a dress can be tough, but I still maintain there are good options. Here are a few of my favorites that we carry.     This patterned sequin gown from WToo is an all around great dress for anyone, but its especially great for Moms. The high neck is both flattering and a little conservative, but the back is dramatic and daring. It makes for a nice balance. Also, the pattern is subtle enough that Mom feels special, but doesnt sparkle her way to center stage.     This new gown from Hayley Paige is stunning from every angle. It's fitted, so it's meant to really hug your figure, and it's also very well structured. In other words, you're really held in this gown nicely. It's going to wow guests and make sure that Mom is no shrinking violet. Also, even though it is a bridesmaid style, no one is going to confuse her with a member of the wedding party.     This sequined lace and tulle gown from Amsale is another great way to wear a little bit of sparkle. The detail on the bodice gives the gown depth and texture and elevates it to the level worthy of Mom. The one shoulder neckline gives it a modern twist and the flowy tulle skirt is flattering and forgiving.   {Lindsey}