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Apr 20, 2015

© Dana Cubbage Weddings 2015 © Dana Cubbage Weddings 2015   Today I am so pleased to share with you another Betsy Bride wedding. Mary Claire and her now-husband Casey met each other their freshman year of college at Johns Hopkins where they lived next door to one another. Eventually their friendship turned romantic and eight years later they tied the knot in Charleston, South Carolina at the Island House on March 27th.   © Dana Cubbage Weddings 2015   The photos tell the story of a very happy couple who focused their wedding around the things that matter to them most: friends, family and fun. We made decisions based on what we liked and what made us happy within our budget, without worrying about tradition or customs, Mary Claire says.   © Dana Cubbage Weddings 2015   They also made sure to incorporate both of their personalities into the wedding to make it truly their own. I love pink, says Mary Claire, so I went with a pink dress.  Casey is southern so we had the men in vineyard vines ties.  Family is important to both of us, so we had my brother officiate the ceremony, my mother and Casey's grandmother do readings, and pictures from our parents and grandparents wedding days on display during the reception.   Mary Claires favorite part of the wedding was the reception or simply put, the dance party. I loved being able to move and groove with everyone on the dance floor.  It was so great to see everyone having a fun time!   As with all weddings the fun time flew by in the blink of an eye, which is why Mary Claire cautions future brides to enjoy every second of it. Don't sweat the small stuff or the things out of your control.  I was stressed up until my wedding day about rain, when I should have just enjoyed the pre-wedding time with friends and family because my worrying was not going to change the weather forecast.   © Dana Cubbage Weddings 2015   Naturally, the weather was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous, and every detail big or small could not have been more perfect. Congratulations to Mary Claire and Casey!   Photos Courtesy of Dana Cubbage Weddings   {Lindsey}