Feature Betsy Bride of the Week Jordana

Feature Betsy Bride of the Week Jordana. Mobile Image

Sep 13, 2018

  We are excited to feature this weeks Betsy Bride Jordana because her story highlights the way we are able to make custom changes to suit every bride. Jordana was married in an Orthodox ceremony and needed a gown that could conform to traditional standards.   This is not always easy to do.   Whether its for religious, or personal reasons, it can simply be hard to find a more modest gown in a sea of sheer and low-cut ones. Gowns with sleeves are more popular than they used to be (shout out to Kate and her gorgeous sleeved number), but often the sleeve options are still sheer. Sometimes finding the right gown means compromising.   Jordanas story illustrates that doesn't have to be the case. All you have to do is get a little creative without giving up on what you want.     Jordana needed a gown with sleeves, but she fell in love with a sleeveless gown. Her consultants solution was a beautiful lace bolero that she had custom lined by her own seamstress. She didnt have to sacrifice modesty for style, and she looked absolutely gorgeous on her wedding day.   In fact, looking at her gown, you would never imagine that it was designed any other way. The sleeves compliment the full skirt so well. The scalloped lace around the high-neck is a beautiful little detail that mirrors the scalloped hem.     Its a perfect reminder that when you are looking for your gown, you need to use a little imagination. While we cant completely redesign a dress, there are often small changes that can be made that can make a big difference. Adding a bolero is one of those small changes that can completely transform a gown. Boleros can be lined or unlined and come in all sorts of styles. Adding one can help create a one of a kind bridal gown.   Its also the kind of thing are consultants love to do. They love to problem solve. If the right gown for you doesnt already exist out in the world, then lets try to find a way to make it. Thats why its so important to talk with your consultant about those #WeddingGoals and why pictures and ideas can be so helpful.   So thank you Jordana for showing brides what a little imagination and ingenuity can accomplish!   {Lindsey}