Our Favorite Things about 2016

Our Favorite Things about 2016. Mobile Image

Dec 29, 2016

As 2016 comes to a close, its time to take a few minutes to reflect on some of the things that happened during it. Its pretty popular on the internet these days to speak in hyperbole about what a terrible year 2016 has been. Yes, in popular culture we have suffered many losses, and the world seems in constant turmoil and upheaval, and often turning on the news requires a strong stomach. Yes, there have been bad things, but there will always be things. This is a place where we talk about happy things. This is a place where we talk about weddings, which are only possible because so many people are in love. So many people in the world are in love, and that is the best thing there is. So to close out our year at Betsy Robinsons I thought I would share for you some of my favorite photographs and moments.   14330007_1537357502957276_7728745360022980105_n   The Double Rainbow This photograph, by Ashley Michelle Photography is certainly one of my favorite photographs of the year if not of all time. Capturing one beautiful arching rainbow over a couple of kissing newlyweds would be a feat in itself, but a double rainbow just seems like a sign. How amazing is it that these things even exist? How amazing is it that we get to look up and see them and sometimes even capture them?   tea-party-5   Our English Garden Party This photo shoot was for an entry in a bridal contest. We didnt win it, but come on, its clear that we should have. We had such a great time putting this together, and everyone in the salon helped to contribute to it. We brought in fresh flowers and tablecloths and teacups and even a pair of vintage gloves worn by my grandmother. I think this is one of our best moments from 2016 because we worked together, we got creative, and we had a lot of fun. Thats a perfect recipe for happiness even if not always for winning.   ess-everybody-multi-images-copy   Perfect Fit This year we were fortunate enough to have on extended loan a collection of gowns from Essense of Australia in a wide variety of sizes. We continually strive to make sure that every bride feels special, beautiful and included, and having these gowns on loan really helped us to do that. We are already working with other designers to help make programs like this more of the norm and less of the exception. Making every bride feel like a bride is our favorite thing about this year and every year.   img_20161229_152929   #BetsyBride We have had so much fun this year breaking out our #BetsyBride floral frame whenever a bride purchases a gown. Its been a great way for us to document their journey, and we love posting all the great photos of such a happy brides. The frame also represents our continued desire to establish great relationships with our brides that will go from purchasing to fittings to the wedding and beyond. It also reinforces that we are providing not just a shopping trip, but an experience.   13892066_1060053224032553_9122402407802575278_n   That Time a Customer Modeled For Us Little secret here, we love trying on dresses. We do it pretty much everyday. Some of it is purely for fun or curiosity, but its also a form of research. We need to know the fit and structure of gowns so that we can better serve our brides. We also like to show the gowns off so that brides can get a better idea of our inventory. On one particular afternoon a few of our consultants were in gowns when a customer, in to purchase a bridesmaid dress, got to chatting with us. Before she knew it, we had her in a gown and posing for the camera (far right). I love the spontaneity of this photo, and I love that it shows how much people enjoy putting on gowns. Its a welcome reminder of how fun our job is that we get to help people do that everyday.   I hope your year was full of some good things too, and I hope 2017 is even better.   Happy New Year! {Lindsey}