Everything You Need for A Reception Coffee Bar

Everything You Need for A Reception Coffee Bar. Mobile Image

Mar 31, 2016

Im all for bars at weddings. I love cocktail bars and wine bars. I like main bars and satellite bars. I like candy bars and dessert bars anytime of year and I like smores bars in the summer and hot cocoa bars in the winter. All of these little extras can make a big statement at a wedding and can make guests feel extra special.   Which is why I propose the coffee bar. A cursory internet search will tell you that some couples have already adopted this for their weddings, but Ill walk you through exactly what you need to pull it off perfectly.   coffee   Really Good Coffee That sounds pretty straight forward, but trust me, at most weddings coffee is an afterthought. This is understandable given the amount of money you have to shell out for cocktails, but consider quality over quantity when it comes to coffee. You dont need to provide a vat of it because most guests will pass. What youre really doing is saying hey, all you people who dont want to drink a lot or who have to drive home or who want something besides a beer with the cake, I care about you, too. It will likely be a small number, so you can spring for a bag or two of really nice coffee with a big bold flavor. To really wow guests, choose something from a local shop that they can't find anywhere else.   Personalized Mugs I love a good chance for a couple to show off their personality, and a coffee bar with personalized mugs is a perfect way to do that. You can buy actually personalized mugs with words or images of your choosing, or you can opt for a particular color or style that goes with your theme. For the quirky couple, a trip to Goodwill and an assortment of Worlds Best Grandpa or the Grand Canyon is really Grand mugs is definitely in order.   Cream Not the little plastic tubs of creamer, but actual carafes of half and half and whole milk and soy milk to make sure all your bases are covered. Again the sentiment is inclusiveness. You are looking after all your guests.   Decaf And in the spirit of looking after all your guests, youve got to have decaf on hand. Remember some of us really love the taste, but have to try to cut back on the caffeine, sigh.   Ice It This is for the seriously caffeinated couple and not for everyone, but if I had the budget to do a full coffee bar at my wedding you can bet I'd add an iced option. Why? Well, I drink more iced coffee than I do water, so the preference is personal, but in a world where wedding trends catch on so quickly, an iced coffee bar will help keep you a step ahead.   Adornments This is where you take your coffee bar from accommodating, to wedding style dominating. Think of all the fun things associated with getting drinks from your neighborhood coffee shop: syrups, cinnamon shakers, real caramel, vanilla bean powder, a canister of whipped cream, sprinkles. All these little extras will make your coffee bar stand out, make your photographs beautiful, and make your guests feel pretty fancy.   {Lindsey}