How to Shop the Newest Essense of Australia Dresses

How to Shop the Newest Essense of Australia Dresses

How to Shop the Newest Essense of Australia Dresses. Mobile Image

Jun 22, 2019

Every time the Essense of Australia Tester Trunk Show comes along, we sit around our back office and try to come up with a better word than tester to describe these dresses. Most brides dont know what tester means, and it doesnt sound very bridal.

Weve tried exclusive, preview, promotional, and sneak peek. The preview collection is a perennial favorite, but it still doesnt quite convey the right message.

A Rose by Any Other Name

And so, despite our brainstorming, we usually arrive right back at tester, but rather than get caught up in the name, lets talk about what that really means.

These gowns are in their own way an experiment, but a really fun and visually stunning one. Were talking exploding volcanoes of baking soda and hurricane forces in a bottle. Once a season the designers at Essense of Australia create gowns that may or may not be a part of their regular line. It all depends on how they are received by actual brides in actual stores.

The gowns do not appear online and the only way to see them is at a trunk show. If the gown itself does not make the cut for the line, then its never seen again. That means if you order a tester gown at a trunk show, you could (potentially) be the only bride to ever wear that design. Some brides might not care about that level of exclusivity, but I think its pretty cool.

Its like getting a custom dress that no one else will ever wear.

Speak Your Mind

But tester trunk shows are also a great chance for you to offer feedback on the gowns you try on. Essense listens. They want to know what real brides think of their gowns, and they love to makes changes accordingly. Its like the most fun focus group ever, in which you just might end up with a wedding dress at the end of it. Your feedback can actually affect what the finished product looks like in the collection. It might mean you pass on a style, but your critique can help future brides say yes to the dress.

How cool is that?

Tester trunk shows are also thrilling in their own special way. If you find your dream dress you really have to say yes otherwise you risk never seeing it again. You arent even allowed to take pictures. That might sound like a lot of pressure, but it all depends on your attitude.

You are coming here because you are looking for your dream wedding dress and Essense of Australia has it. Its here, and all you have to do is not let it get away. Picking a wedding gown is a big decision, yes, but you're good at making decisions.

So gather up your #TeamBride and make an appointment for June 28th - 30th to find your exclusive-preview-tester-dream dress.