Essense of Australia & Martina Liana Trunk Show

Essense of Australia & Martina Liana Trunk Show. Mobile Image

Aug 20, 2015

D1910_main_detail   This weekend brings us an especially special Essense of Australia Trunk Show. We are already excited simply because we love Essense, but this time they are sending new 2016 gowns and brides this weekend will be some of the first to get to try them on. As if that werent exciting enough they are also sending exclusive gowns that are only available at trunk shows. They are so exclusive that I cant even show you pictures of them, which is a total shame because they are gorgeous.   Curious yet? Of course you should be. New gowns. Top-secret gowns. Brides, this is your weekend. This is the chance to find your dress. Essense has such a wide variety of gowns that there is truly something for everyone. They have a great mix of traditional and modern, sexy and simple. Looking for a blush dress? Check. How about a low back? Absolutely. Two-piece? Sure thing. Looking for sleeves? Perfect.   723_main_detail   They certainly have the upper hand on trends, but they also understand what is classic and what makes a gown not just a gown, but a wedding gown. Its not just the color or the cut; its the feeling. Its the way brides light up when they put them on. Join us this weekend to get the Essense experience. By Appointment: 410.484.4600.   D1951_main_detail {Lindsey}