Enjoying the Engagement

Enjoying the Engagement. Mobile Image

Dec 02, 2015

When I first got engaged it felt really strange to use the term fiancĂ©. Much like it felt strange to say boyfriend in the beginning and much like it still sometimes feel strange to say husband. Of course the tricky part about fiancĂ© is that you arent called one for very long. Engagements are generally about a year, and that year can go by very quickly. Its an exciting time, but its also the in-between time. With all the planning that goes into a wedding its easy to focus solely on the future.   Brides are always advising other brides to enjoy every moment of their wedding day and not let it rush past, and I offer the same advice for the engagement. Enjoy the in-between time. Here to help are some great holiday and winter activities to get in on when you take a break from addressing envelopes.   Ice Skating Theres basically nothing cuter or more romantic than an outdoor skating rink, and Baltimores Inner Harbor offers the perfect backdrop for your escapades. You hold hands. You huddle together for warmth. You fall down and you get a cup of hot cocoa to share, and snap a photo #engagedlife.   Catch a Movie The Senator Theater is great for date night. Its grand and historic and it plays great old movies. This year they have special screenings of Home Alone and Its a Wonderful Life, but its worth going to even for a new blockbuster. Afterwards stroll through Belvedere Square, peruse the delicacies at Atwaters and stop for a drink by the fire in Ryans Daughter. Everything is warm and cozy there and far from wedding planning.   resize   Mt. Vernon Monument Lighting If youve never been then you have to go. You have to go at least one time. Its more or less the same ceremony every year, but there are lots of great food vendors and lots of good music and its the perfect time to bust out your knit hat with the pompoms. Thursday Dec. 3rd 5 8pm.     {Lindsey}