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Aug 25, 2014

I'm a great Baltimore enthusiast, and I love the chance to share that enthusiasm with others. Today I am feeling especially enthusiastic about Druid Hill Park and all the wonderful ways it can help you take great engagement photos. When you plan an engagement photo session you want to try to get the most bang for your buck and the most variety of beautiful backdrops as possible. Its costly and time-consuming to travel from site to site and most photographers give you a limited amount of time. Druid Hill Park offers a great solution by squeezing so many wonderful Baltimore landmarks into a few miles radius. Ive highlighted some of my favorites below, but as you make your way through the park don't miss the many stone statues and carved wooden sculptures that dot the path.  16521653_4Ljzp1NVDTY7-14Yx8urNaGqqqlNw6FCWcLLxhVIusA Druid Hill Park Tower Druid Hill Tower sits at the southeast end of the parks reservoir and its gleaming white stones can be seen from the traffic below on 83. You can no longer climb to the top, but it still provides a beautiful backdrop. Be sure of course to take plenty of pictures along the stonewall with the city spread out beneath you. Truly the best of Baltimore.    leftcrop The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens Referred to by most as just the Baltimore Conservatory this place is a true gem. If you dont know about it, you should. It is possibly the most beautiful landmark in the whole city. Its situated just on the edge of Druid Hill Park on a lush green lawn and the Victorian structure is breathtaking. A few quick photos of you and your sweetheart with the glimmering glass windows behind you and people will think you flew to England for your photo session.    Stieff Building  Wet1 The Stieff Silver Sign Just a hop skip and a jump away from Druid Hill Park is the Stieff Silver Sign. The Domino Sugar sign is the obvious lighted structure to pose in front of, but Stieff Silver has equal charm. The building has long been sold off as office space, but the sign remains as a signature of Baltimore. If you want to set the tone for a Baltimore themed wedding then photos here are a must.   {Lindsey}