Don't be a 'Heel'

Don't be a 'Heel'. Mobile Image

Feb 19, 2015

Often as I scroll through wedding albums online I am faced with the pretty pictures of the brides shoes arranged in delicate and interesting ways; they rest on the bed next to the bouquet of flowers, they sit empty in a doorway waiting expectantly to be filled, they are tipped forward showing off a secret message on the bottom.   No matter the photographic aesthetic involved the shoes are almost always inevitably heels. It makes sense; we have been taught since childhood, since we slipped our feet into our mothers pumps that heels equal dressy, fancy, and feminine. We are made to believe that high heels are just what you wear on your wedding day. This matter isnt made much better by asserting that the only way to step out of heels is to go to the other end of the spectrum and wear a pair of converse all stars or cowboy boots. Not that there is anything wrong with those options I love them, but I believe brides should have some middle ground, too.   Maybe you are a tall bride like I was and you just dont want to be too tall on the big day. Maybe you never learned quite how to handle heels and youd rather not trip down the aisle. Maybe heels hurt your feet. Of course they do. But whatever the reason you deserve fashionable and fabulous shoes. Here are a few of my latest favorites.   1. For the Bride who loves bling, beads & jewels. shoes 5 Find them here.   2. For the ballerina in every - 4 Find them here.   3. For the vintage - 2 Find them here.   4. For the fabulously whimsical.   shoes 8 Find them here.   5. For the watercolor wedding. shoes 1 Find them here.   6. For the wedding that is mint to 6 Find them here. {Lindsey}