Donna Morgan Bridesmaids Trunk Show

Donna Morgan Bridesmaids Trunk Show. Mobile Image

Jul 06, 2016

On any given weekend, its a pretty fair bet that we will be having a trunk show. In fact, throughout the year we are fortunate enough to host dozens of trunk shows and showcase the very latest in bridal. It is not often, however, that we get to host a bridesmaid trunk show, so we are pretty excited about this coming weekend. And you should be, too.   Donna Morgan is one of the top bridesmaids lines in the country, and its pretty easy to see why. The styles are trendy, ethereal, and easy to mix and match in accordance with a given theme. My favorite thing about them is that they respond to consumer tastes fast, like trending on Twitter and available in stores fast. A few years ago when mint suddenly became the it color, they were on it, and they were way ahead of the curve. In an industry that takes months to manufacture dresses, being on top of trends is extremely helpful and extremely important.   donnamorgan1   Their latest trend triumph is the sequin gown. The desire for this evening gown twist on bridesmaid dresses is not dying down and Donna Morgan is capitalizing by adding their own perspective. They mix sequins and tulle and they also arrange sequins in patterns giving the gowns more dimension.   donnamorgan2   donnamorgan3   Their color palette tends to be more limited, especially in the sequins, but I love the soft tones, and I love mixing them together. I've also found that sometimes having a narrower color palette just makes it easier to make decisions. It's a lot easier to choose a shade of blush, if you only have one shade to begin with, right?   So if you haven't found the prefect gowns for your bridesmaids yet, or if you know a bride who has been on the hunt, then definitely stop by this weekend to see these new gowns. You won't be disappointed and PS, there's a discount! New and on Sale? Yes please. Check Out More Gowns Here.   {Lindsey}