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May 01, 2014

During my time in the wedding industry I have spent countless hours perusing blogs, pinterest and Martha Stewart weddings, and I can say with total confidence that the best thing that can happen as you plan your wedding is when Ikea comes to town. Ikea is amazing. Not just because you can get affordable furniture that fits up itty bitty city living staircases, but because it has the perfect building blocks to any DIY wedding project. Let me elaborate. Here are my three favorite wedding things to get at Ikea. tolsby-frame-for--pictures__0100784_PE244197_S4-1 Tolsby Picutre Frame 1)   I cannot say enough about these little guys! One, these babies are cheap, and two they are extremely versatile. They are perfect for displaying pictures around the reception, menus, directions, table numbers. You name it. They come in a variety of colors, but they are also a cinch to spray paint in your exact colors.   ung-drill-frame__0175149_PE328564_S4Ung Drill Picture Frame 2)   This picture frame is in probably 70% of magazine wedding shoots, but there is a reason. The reason is its perfect. Simple as that. Again, it just takes a can of spray paint to dress it up, and instantly you have a gorgeous sign directing your guests to the cocktails, to their tables, or to a breakdown of the nights festivities. And bonus, after the wedding you have a great frame for your new home together! lovlig-vase__0170520_PE328138_S4Lovlig Vase 3)   Picking just one more item was tricky, so this is a broad category, but here you have it, glass. Whether you need candle holders, simple clear vases, or last minute platters for the dessert table, Ikea has got you covered in an affordable and above all, stylish way.