Displaying Photos at Your Wedding

Displaying Photos at Your Wedding. Mobile Image

May 19, 2016

When you sit down and start to think about your wedding décor you probably think about the flowers and the vases and what color tablecloths and napkins you want. You probably think about theme and mood, and you probably jot down a bunch of words like rustic or vintage or elegant. You might find yourself pinning a hundred DIY centerpiece ideas or standing in front of a bulletin board of color palettes trying to make sense of them.   Clearly, youve got a lot of options and a lot to think about, and while I cant help you choose a theme from your endless word maps, I can remind you of one key ingredient you cant forget to include. Pictures. It sounds really simple. Duh, you should have photos at your wedding, but there is a little more to it.   lilly-charlie-sum11-sum11wd106663_0616_hd   Go Beyond Engagement Photos Most of your guests have probably already seen your engagement photos, at least your favorite shots. Theyve got your Save-the-Date on the refrigerator and theyve looked at all your posted pics on your wedding website. In short, theyve already seen the polished, best version of you and your fiancé. What they want to see are the photos that tell the whole story. The first photo that you took together, or the one where you are making funny faces or totally jet-lagged from an amazing adventure, or the one where you just look so happy and you dont even know why. As usual, showing off these more private moments is a way of showing your guests that they are a part of a special circle. Not everyone gets to see that photo of you with no make-up on and a goofy grin, but these people do because they are important and you want them to know just how you two crazy kids fell in love.   Show-Off Older Photos Its also fun to include photos of the two of you when you were little or with your friends or in that cat Halloween costume that your mom made for you. Many of your guests will remember you when you were that age, and they'll get a kick out of seeing the old photos again. Its also about telling this complete story. Its about showing who you were, who youve become and all the people who were important to you along the way.   Find Those Old Wedding Albums And on that note I highly recommend finding a special place to display old wedding photos of your parents or grandparents or other important people in your life. Its a way of honoring them, of tying yourself to the great tradition and history of marriage, and its a way of again acknowledging that the day does not belong to you alone.   {Lindsey}