Dealing With Rain on Your Wedding Day

Dealing With Rain on Your Wedding Day. Mobile Image

Sep 15, 2016

Here at Betsys when a bride comes to pick up her dress before the big day we pack it with care and carry it right down to their car. In the elevator ride to the lobby of the building most brides are full of equal parts stress and excitement. Lately the majority of these elevator conversations have revolved around the weather. I hope it doesnt rain is the constant refrain. Im not sure that September poses anymore of a threat of rain than any other month, but its definitely on a lot of peoples minds. However, barring some sort of hurricane level phenomenon, there are easy ways to prepare for it. Just in case.   Plan for It While there is no point in dwelling on something as unpredictable as the weather, it is always good to be prepared. If part of your wedding is set to be outdoors then you should definitely have a backup plan. And not a backup plan thats just ok. Have a plan that you almost wish you had the chance to put to use. For example, if your ceremony is outside and your reception is inside, you could conceivably move everything into the reception hall. Thats the way a lot of people do it anyway, so no problem there. Think about how you might arrange things or what d├ęcor elements you could use to bring the outside in and make it just as pretty.   Assemble Cute Rain Gear Weve all seen the photos of brides and bridesmaids in matching rain boots. Not only are the photos cute and fun, but they show great spirit. Rain or shine we are committed to having a great time. The same goes for stylish umbrellas. A cloudy sky and the right umbrella can make your wedding photos better than anything you couldve imagined. Oh, or a raincoat draped over your shoulders! I can see the series of images now: your spouse pulls out a bright raincoat, wraps it lovingly around you, and shelters you from the raindrops. Perfection.   Embrace It Guests might get wet. At least some part of your dress is going to get wet. There may be mud involved. Its ok. All of it is ok, and none of it can spoil your day. Talk with your photographer ahead of time about ways that you could maximize the weather in the event that it rains. Is there anything more romantic than two people embracing in the middle of a rainstorm? Not much and it would make the perfect end to the evening. Or what about an impromptu puddle jumping dance party? Sounds like the coolest wedding ever. Rain or shine.   12187978_10102669972899779_1674489407801219056_o Photo Credit: Sam Stroud   {Lindsey}