Customize Your Wedding Day Jewelry At our Thomas Knoell Trunk Show

Customize Your Wedding Day Jewelry At our Thomas Knoell Trunk Show. Mobile Image

Apr 19, 2017

After the pomp and circumstance of picking out your dream bridal gown it is easy to forget that your work is not done; you still have to complete your wedding day look. For many that will mean looking at veils and headpieces and for just about everyone it will mean considering jewelry. Your wedding day jewelry should be special, not an afterthought. It's something you want to keep and treasure in a velvet box on your vanity and take out on special occasions and anniversaries. That means you shouldnt be looking for something run of the mill. You should be looking for something made just for you.   In just a few short weeks (May 5th - 7th) you will have the perfect opportunity to find just that at our Thomas Knoell Jewelry Designs Trunk Show. Aside from making stunning, stylish and timeless jewelry from the finest materials, they also love to make custom changes. That means you can change the color of the crystals, of the pearls, even the color of the metal. Take a look at these stunning pieces shown in various finishes.   The ability to make these changes totally transforms the look of the piece and will help you to pick jewelry that matches your style, your gown and your theme. You can incorporate different color crystals, you can change the size of the drop in the chandelier earring, and you can do it all with the help of some serious experts.   The advantage of coming during a trunk show is that not only will you get to see the newest pieces and more than we typically carry, but you will also be able to meet with Thomas or Raquel Knoell. Both designers have a wealth of bridal knowledge and can truly help you pick the perfect look for your big day. That is a rare chance to upon and it's one that you should really take advantage of. It's pretty much the royal treatment and their stunning pieces that sparkle from every angle are sure to make you feel like royalty on your wedding day.   Check out more here! Call 410.484.4600 to make your appointment. May 5th - 7th. {Lindsey}