Courthouse Wedding Inspiration

Courthouse Wedding Inspiration. Mobile Image

Feb 03, 2015

Working here and being surrounded constantly by brides who are planning big weddings with big dresses, it is easy to take for granted that the big wedding thing is not everyones thing. It might be a budget thing, or a logistical thing, or it might be an I dont want to plan it thing, but whatever the reason it is easy to understand that big weddings arent for everyone. I myself find something really romantic in the idea of a courthouse wedding. It speaks to the spontaneity of love. Lets just go get married right now. And not because we want a big party and gifts and all the attention, but because were just in love. Aww, doesnt that sound wonderful? Of course just because you want a small courthouse wedding doesnt mean you cant still get dressed up and look fabulous, so here is a list of my favorite courthouse wedding looks.   Rho   Rho by Watters This is really more like an actual wedding gown that just happens to be short, so its good for any kind of wedding, but the length makes it easy to wear and maneuver at a courthouse. Plus it gives you the beauty and luxury of a wedding gown without feeling like maybe you over dressed. And bonus the way this thing twirls is pretty much magical.   olive   Olive by Donna Morgan The silk shantung makes this super chic and sophisticated, but it has a little romance and sweetness to it as well. The pockets, the bow detail, the little cap sleeves and the keyhole back are all really nice touches. Picture it with a simple bouquet of white roses, a pair of kid gloves and you dont need anything else to say I do.   Currant   Currant by Watters This dress is a simplified version of one of their gorgeous new bridal gowns, and I am absolutely in love with it. It is so sleek and modern with its metallic threaded pattern and skinny belt at the waist. The sheer back adds a little drama and the sleeves balance it out for a look that is understated enough for the setting.   {Lindsey}