Considering a Reception Lounge

Considering a Reception Lounge. Mobile Image

Jan 14, 2016

Lists of how to make your wedding awesome and amazing and wonderful are often filled with a few really good tips and a whole lot of nonsense. The expectations of magazines and bloggers of what should be present at your wedding have gotten steadily, wildly out of control. Its a little hard for us all to live up to, so to be helpful I have read such a list and pulled out a valuable thread for all of you.   So how can you make your wedding even more wonderful than its already going to be? Provide a lounge area for your guests. On the surface this sounds a little farfetched and costly, but dont let the depiction of this idea in magazines scare you. You dont have to provide vintage couches, Pottery Barn pillows, an armchair, two Tiffany lamps, a private bar and the mantle from an old farmstead complete with crackling fire. In this case its not about creating a look, but creating comfort.   [caption id="attachment_2959" align="alignright" width="729"]Maria and Michael's wedding by Maria Mack Photography ©2015 Courtesy of the Knot.[/caption]   Not all of your guests will want to dance the night away, but that doesnt mean they want to spend the whole time sitting at their table either. A lounge area, even a modest one composed of a few chairs and a coffee table, will give some of your guests a break.   I like this idea a lot because it can easily be modified to fit your budget and your space. If your reception area is already full you might consider setting up something outside. It could be as simple as some brightly colored lawn furniture or as extravagant as rented vintage couches, either way you create a different sort of space for your guests. A lounge area separate from the reception also gives people a chance to escape the noise of the party if they need to. Lounge areas also make for great photo ops of your guests in which they arent doing the YMCA or sitting with a plate of chicken in front of them.   {Lindsey}