Celebrating International Women's Day

Celebrating International Women's Day. Mobile Image

Mar 08, 2018

Today is International Womens Day, and here at Betsy Robinsons we feel like we do a great job celebrating women everyday. From the brides who wear our gowns, to the seamstresses who work tirelessly to alter them, we spend a lot of time in the company of women. Those who work here, and those who shop here, represent a diverse group of women. Though their paths may be different, we are happy they all lead to Betsy's.   Its a privilege to come to work each day, and collaborate with such talented, smart, and stylish women like these. Its also a privilege to work for Betsy Robinson herself. Shes a model of strength, independence, and business acumen. Plus, shes got a killer wardrobe, and she knows the value of a good handbag, and a good cocktail.     She started this business nearly forty years ago, with little more than an idea, and a passion. She has built a brand that is well known far beyond the reaches of Baltimore, and she has influenced the bridal world immensely.   Betsy has guided her salon through many ups and downs, and even a few trends shed like to forget. Puffed sleeves anyone? But through it all, she has remained a leader, and a trendsetter. Make no mistake, running a bridal shop is a difficult business, and it takes a strong woman to do it. Betsy is that kind of woman, and she demands as much of those who work for her.   Because our Betsy Robinson family is overwhelmingly, almost completely (Hi Brian!) made up of women, we have a unique environment. We are women serving women, and though we are not curing cancer, we think our work is important.   We get the opportunity to help brides plan their wedding day. We get to help them find gowns that make them feel beautiful. That kind of power should never be underestimated. After all, helping women feel good about themselves just brings them one step closer to running the world.   So to all the wonderful women who make Betsy Robinsons Bridal Collection run, and to all the wonderful women who make it worth running for, happy International Womens Day!   {Lindsey}