Celebrate Halloween in Style with 4 Couples Costume Ideas

Celebrate Halloween in Style with 4 Couples Costume Ideas. Mobile Image

Oct 28, 2016

Dont get me wrong I love Halloween, but every year it makes me anxious. Every year I wrack my brain trying to think of a clever costume idea only to wind up feeling defeated. All the good and clever costumes have already been done. Every time I think I have an original idea it turns out about a million other people had that very same original idea.   These costume conundrums are compounded by the fact that ideally I would like not one but two clever ideas. Im sure Im not alone in this couples costume no-mans-land. If youre newly engaged or newly married you may be looking for the chance to turn Halloween into just one more example of what an awesome duo the two of you make. The fact is, any holiday becomes more exciting during those special times, and you want to make the best of it, don't you? I know you do. Im with you, and if we can all agree that a great idea can be repeated then I can provide a few good couples costume ideas for this year.   Doug Funnie and Patti Mayonnaise enhanced-buzz-7263-1350336502-1   The cutest cartoon couple on 90s Nickelodeon is the perfect costume for all the super nostalgic couples who pine for the days of Saturday morning cartoons and orange-couch-Snick Saturday nights. Aside from being a cute little throwback, this costume is also easy to do and not quite as overdone as others. Plus, people are going to get so excited as all their childhood cartoon memories come flooding back.   Jake and Sam mte5ntu2mziwnzkxnzkxmte1   For the true romantics this iconic 80s couple is topnotch and best of all easy to do. Bonus points if you have red hair, but even without it the beauty and brilliance of this costume is carried by the prom-stocked aisles of Goodwill. I am one-hundred percent certain that you can find an appropriately peach or pink puffy-sleeved prom or bridesmaid gown at your local thrift store and conjure Samantha in a snap. As for Jake Ryan all you need is a good brooding look and a preppy sweater vest. You can do it. Yeah, you.   Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper 38b47a75b64ac86617a328d7c5a6e189b8bd0e49877501a3505ae6c709435da5-1   This costume would work best if you have Daniel Stern available to follow you around and narrate your evening, but even without him you can make this classic adolescent romance sparkle. The whole thing hinges on Kevins classic baseball T-shirt (or the Jet's jacket if you want to get really extreme) and Winnie Coopers hair. Youve just got to have the straight across bangs and the right headband. The good news for this one is that a quick Google search shows its not especially popular. Obscure is good just as long as people get it, so know your audience and master those bangs.   Romy and Michelle romy-and-michele   Channel your inner Spice Girl for inspiration on this totally 90s costume idea. A baby doll dress is a must as are the chunkiest pair of platform shoes you can find. Don't forget the choker, but hey, they're back in style now!  Then just pump up the volume on your hair, grab a neon pink feather boa and voila. A little trick with this one is that you can use a nametag as part of your costume, so people are sure to get it. As if they wouldn't.   Good Luck and Happy (Almost) Halloween!   {Lidnsey}