In Case of Inclement Weather

In Case of Inclement Weather. Mobile Image

Dec 08, 2014

IMG_5034 Today is a kind of cold and dreary day here, and because I love cold and dreary days, it is making me think a lot about weather. Weather and weddings, as with weather and all events, are sometimes unpleasantly chained together. Oh, if only we could plan without thinking of weather at all, but of course we must. And when we think of winter weather and weddings the thoughts are not always predictable or pleasant. Make no mistake though; I think winter weddings are wonderful. I think January and February weddings help liven up a kind of dreary time of year. I think cold weddings allow more room to accessorize. I think photos of brides in flannel scarfs are amazing. I think bridesmaids carrying umbrellas is sweet.   And more than all of that I think and know bad weather can happen anytime of year. There have been freak snowstorms in mid October. Hurricanes in August. Hurricanes in practically November. Heat waves in December. Weather is unpredictable. Duh. It does what it wants. Three days before my own March wedding the forecasts were calling for blizzards. Nine inches of snow and ice. My parents were flying halfway across the country along with lots of other guests. It was hard to stay calm, especially as reports ranged from a dusting to an avalanche of snow.   Long story short everything worked out fine, and I can honestly say there was never a brighter, sunnier, pleasantly warmer day in early March in the whole history of Marchs. But I had been warned for months and months that I was asking for trouble with a March wedding. It could be very cold. People own coats. It could be terribly rainy. Well, we will be inside. There could be snow. Yeah, but then there wasnt. You make a backup plan in case the weather is bad. You buy everyone cute galoshes and umbrellas. You get a white sweater with pretty rosettes on it. You plan and plan just in case of inclement weather. If it snows will the venue make sure the parking lot is clear? Are the really important people local or are they flying in? Is there a bit of buffer time just in case flights get cancelled? These are things that brides at anytime of year should do. But dont worry; no matter the weather it will always be beautiful.   Always. Always.   {Lindsey}