The Case for A Coffee Bar at Your Wedding

The Case for A Coffee Bar at Your Wedding. Mobile Image

Nov 06, 2017

These days you can make just about any element of your wedding over the top and extravagant. If you have money to spend there are things to spend it on. While I generally advocate steering clear of those wedding budget traps, there are some things that are worth splurging on. One such splurge that I feel is worth it yet often ignored is coffee. Maybe it's because it's Monday, but I think coffee is pretty much one of the greatest things ever. In fact, it forms the base of my personal food pyramid. Im not alone in this coffee obsession, and yet every wedding Ive been to seems to ignore the potential of this liquid gold.   To rectify this I propose a coffee bar. It may sound extravagant, but in my fantasy world in which budgets are endless it makes perfect sense. The coffee service at a wedding should be more than just a carafe of regular and a carafe of decaf positioned off in some remote corner of the room with a stack of cups and saucers. I envision rather an array of brews: Colombian, Italian, French. I see an espresso machine and a line of flavored syrups standing at attention. All you need is one able barista and a fixed menu. Coffee, espresso and a cappuccino to of course, cap off the night.     I think putting money into a setup like this helps send a message that you care about the comfort of all of your guests, not just the ones imbibing on cocktails. It also provides a welcome service to those who have perhaps imbibed too much. And lastly, doesnt a nice cup of coffee just round out the perfect evening? I always feel better and more pampered when I order a coffee at the end of my meal. Dont you?   Its also not hard to have a similar set up in the real world of hard budgets and bottom lines. Perhaps you cant go all out with an espresso machine and a barista, but you can dress up your coffee station with interesting flavors, syrups and milks to make your guests feel cradled in the lap of luxury.   So as you pour over your wedding planning details, don't forget to grab a cup of coffee and really drink in the possibilities.   {Lindsey}