Calling All Betsy Brides!

Calling All Betsy Brides!. Mobile Image

May 20, 2015

Untitled-2   Whether youre a newlywed or not you probably still like to tell people about your wedding, and you probably have to try pretty hard not to show off your photos whenever someone says the word wedding. Just a couple. Theyre so pretty. Look at how good they look. Look at how good we look. Its only natural. After we got married my husband uploaded his favorite photos onto his phone, and Im pretty sure he showed them to our landlord, our bank teller and possibly strangers on the street. Its good to be proud.   And at Betsy Robinsons we are pretty proud, too. We are proud of the work we put in helping brides find dresses and accessories. We are proud of the work of our tireless seamstresses. All of this glowing pride means we love to see your photos, and we love to hear your stories.   Here, right here on this blog is the perfect place to share all of those things, and we would love to have you. So if youre a Betsy Bride and you want to tell us your favorite memory of your big day, or what surprised you the most, or the one thing you wish someone would have told you, or what your wedding colors were or how you picked your gown then please send us an email at Send photos. Send lots of love for your local vendors. Send us your wow moments and we will pass them along. Together we can continue to create a community of Betsy Brides who can provide each other with tips, inspiration, and as always, a little perspective.   {Lindsey}