How to Buy A Bridal Gown in the Digital Age

How to Buy A Bridal Gown in the Digital Age. Mobile Image

Aug 18, 2017

These days, we buy everything online. Our shoes, our clothing, even our laundry detergent can all get delivered to our door in record time and with free shipping. Its affordable and convenient in an age where multi-tasking isnt considered remarkable, its considered necessary. Its a great market place for everyday goods, but for something as remarkable as a wedding gown, it can come with pitfalls.   The Internet is a great place to do research. You can spend hours perusing wedding sites, pinterest boards, and designer pages to gather information. This background research can help steer you in the right direction. You can scope out specific styles or general silhouettes, and you can find which stores carry what you are looking for. Ideally you will collect all this information and use it to make the most of your bridal appointment.   Does it make sense, in the course of all this online research, to just purchase a bridal gown online? For obvious reasons I would argue no, but the truth is buying a bridal gown is an experience. Its not just a thing you get done on your lunch break while you eat yogurt at your desk. Saying yes to the dress is something to look forward to. Its a way of involving a few of the important people in your life. Its a once in a lifetime purchase not like a purse or a pair of jeans. In short, it should be special.     Part of that experience is sentimental, but part of it is practical. Even with a lot of research it is surprisingly hard to know what you are looking for in a bridal gown until you actually put some on. You also get the benefit of a knowledgeable consultant who can help you navigate the process. But the biggest benefit is that you know what you are getting. Weve heard too many stories of brides buying their dream gown online only to be sent something that in no way lives up to it. In those cases there is not always a lot of recourse and no one to turn to. It can turn a convenient shopping experience into a major headache not to mention heartache.   A great bridal experience involves merging both the technological experience and the human experience. You absolutely benefit by coming into a salon armed with knowledge that you gained online, but you also benefit from the tangible experience of trying gowns on.   {Lindsey}