Bridesmaid Trends From New York Bridal Market

Bridesmaid Trends From New York Bridal Market. Mobile Image

Oct 13, 2016

As I mentioned last week, New York Bridal Market has just wrapped up and we spent several days tracking all the latest looks. Ill start today by giving you a peek at the newest trends in bridesmaid dresses. Over the past several years these gowns have transformed dramatically. Not long ago is was commonplace to see maids all in matching gowns, probably strapless, probably chiffon, and probably all with a sweetheart neckline. But understated has morphed into glamorous and youre now more likely to see bridesmaids wearing gowns they might wear to other functions. That is, less bridesmaid-y than the norm. So how have the newest crop of gowns from the top designers moved away from the traditional?   Theyve Separated img_1848   The separates trend is not new, but its also not going away. Its gaining momentum as more designers come out with tops and skirts that can be mismatched. This allows for each maid to pick an individual look without really veering from uniformity. Also, bonus points for being able to throw on your top with a pair of jeans for a night out later.   Its not just Dresses Anymore img_1840   Say hello to the jumpsuit. Its sleek and stylish and available in varying necklines and styles. The jumpsuit has a throwback vibe to it, but its also thoroughly modern. You dont have to wear a dress to be in a wedding and thats pretty cool.   They Keep it Quiet img_1818   Muted, pastel tones are definitely dominating the runway and the showroom. Its not surprising that in the year whose Pantone colors are rose quartz and serenity that color palettes would shift in this more subdued direction. These softer tones make it easier to do prints or sequins or mismatched gowns without the whole party becoming too loud and overpowering. Tulle and sequin gowns in red might take a lot of attention away from the bride, but the same look in pale blush is a totally different story.   Check out the newest bridal trends next time!   {Lindsey}