Bridal Party Mixer

Bridal Party Mixer. Mobile Image

Oct 23, 2015

Your bridal party is asked to do a lot. They have a long list of duties to perform and more importantly they give up a lot of their free time. Realistically they have to devote at least two separate weekends to your nuptials, and typically they have to travel quite a distance to do so. Of course, trust me, they want to do these things, but you still might be hesitant to give them yet another task. I understand the hesitation, but I ran across a good idea on The Knot that I felt compelled to share.   vintage-cocktail-party   A bridal party mixer. It doesnt have to be anything big. It could be a precursor to the respective bachelor and bachelorette parties, but it makes for a great opportunity for everyone to get to know one another. There is usually a desire for the bridesmaids to get acquainted with one another and for the groomsmen to do the same, but quite often no one thinks about the other side. I certainly didnt, but in hindsight, it might have been nice if the men and women who had to walk down the aisle together had met before they had to walk down the aisle together.   Of course it could be that everyone is already super close. In which case, why wouldnt you want to have a party together? Its a win either way, and if you plan all the parties for the same weekend then you really arent asking anything extra of anyone. A little mixer will help everyone to feel more at ease and in the end it will make the wedding more fun. For everyone.   {Lindsey}