Bridal Designer Spotlight: Eddy K

Bridal Designer Spotlight: Eddy K. Mobile Image

Aug 19, 2016

I am so pleased to introduce another bridal designer to our extensive collection here at the salon. Eddy K gowns are designed in Milan, and they are known for their exquisite fabrics, their attention to detail and their flattering fit. We have already been showing-off some of the beautiful gowns to our brides here, and now I can walk you through some of our favorites,   EK1021_full   The fit of this first gown is just phenomenal. I think it has such a lovely shape and the texture of the embroidery on the tulle gives it depth and dimension. The pattern of the embroidery is also intricate and unique and I love the high neckline. We keep seeing a lot of lace and applique and embroidery in bridal, so I love when we come across pieces that keep those fabric trends fresh and beautiful.   Aires_full   One of the biggest fashion trends of this summer has been the resurgence of the off-the-shoulder look and this next Eddy K gown takes full advantage. I love the cap sleeves sitting just off the shoulder and I love how they really open up the neckline. Again this gown shows lace in a new light as it becomes almost sculptural on the body. And if the front of the gown wasnt enough to win you over, then just check out the stunning back. Theres a pretty big affinity around here for buttons down the back of the gown and they way they dot the illusion tulle is perfect.   Aires_back   CT154_cover-500x750   And lastly we come to the tried and true silhouette of the ballgown. I love the cascading organza and horsehair skirt and I love the way the flashiness of the jewel-encrusted bodice is balanced by the clean skirt. The sweetheart neckline is flattering as always and the layers of organza probably make every bride give it a nice good twirl.   {Lindsey}