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Dec 30, 2015

The last few lingering days of 2015 make for a perfect time to reflect on the year and all the things that took place during it. Ive already recounted the best things in bridal, and now I turn my attention to this very blog. I think over the course of this year I have posted a few insightful or helpful bits of information and now Id like to hit you with the highlights. So here they are, totally subjectively, the best of the bridal blog 2015.   From Bridal Party Mixer October 23, 2015 There is usually a desire for the bridesmaids to get acquainted with one another and for the groomsmen to do the same, but quite often no one thinks about the other side. I certainly didnt, but in hindsight, it might have been nice if the men and women who had to walk down the aisle together had met before they had to walk down the aisle together.   Of course it could be that everyone is already super close. In which case, why wouldnt you want to have a party together? Its a win either way, and if you plan all the parties for the same weekend then you really arent asking anything extra of anyone. A little mixer will help everyone to feel more at ease and in the end it will make the wedding more fun.   From How to Fit the Bar in Your Budget September 10,2015 Working in a bridal shop I find myself, as all of us do, called upon to give bridal advice from time to time. Can I do this? Should I do that? Am I allowed to wear the same color as so and so? During these occasions I find it best not to speak in absolutes because there really is no answer. I dont like to say things like never or shouldnt with one crucial exception. You should never have a cash bar at your wedding. Never. Ever. Never. Never. Never.    sequins   From Look Whos Here June 11, 2015 The latest craze in bridesmaids is definitely the sequined evening gown. It turns out beading, jewels, sequins and rhinestones arent just for brides anymore and the bridal world has really started to take notice. Gone are the days when brides tried to pick intentionally tacky dresses for their girls. Now it seems very important to not only make sure everyone is happy and comfortable, but also that they look (almost) as amazing as the bride. That makes sense, right? If these women are your closest friends and family members then naturally you want to make sure they shine, too.   From "The Importance of Weddings"  June 3, 2015 Youve probably gone to a lot of weddings. Youve probably gone to a lot of weddings of coworkers or distant relatives where you didnt know the name of the bride let alone any of the guests. Youve probably been dragged to a wedding out of obligation, and youve probably sat on the sidelines and maybe only danced to Shout because you just have to do that. Yes, its easy to fall into that. Its easy to forget that no matter how close or distant you are to the happy couple that you have been invited not just to watch them wed, but to share in abundant and all-consuming joy. You, from the distant cousin to the casual acquaintance right on up to the mothers and fathers are important. Yes, you are important and your attendance makes weddings important. Piece of cake.   From Happy Mothers Day May 8, 2015 My mother seems to think I should be writing for the New York Times or the President of the United States. Youre allowed to laugh if you like, but these are the kinds of things mothers say. I guess thats because mothers have a tendency to think their children are the best. But that works both ways, and I imagine most children think they have the best mother in the whole wide world.   Which means Happy Mothers Day to all the best mothers in the whole wide world. Mine first and then yours : )   IMAG4258   From Charm City April 30, 2015 Its no secret that Baltimore could use a little love this week because there are serious things going on in Charm City. This is not the forum to discuss the serious issues that need to be discussed because this is a bridal blog. But it is the perfect place to show the beauty of a city that is often misunderstood. This is the perfect place to show off all the wonderful reasons to have a wedding here, to visit here, and to live here. Because there are a million of them and they are all charming.   From Adorable Dessert Options March 26, 2015 French macarons are undeniably one of the most adorable current wedding trends. The color and flavor combinations are endless, and the display opportunities are enough to make any avid instagram-er swoon. No one single food item will up the ante of your wedding quite like a cascading display of little pastel French macarons will. But they can be expensive, and are notoriously finicky to try to bake on your own. They are also a luxury. You dont need them on your dessert table, but boy do you want them.     From For the Moms March 4, 2015 Moms want sleeves. Its almost universal that moms want something with some sort of a sleeve, but too often a sleeve means a jacket, and moms I think you are all far too young and pretty to wrap yourselves up in jackets.   From The Real Rules February 26, 2015 Treat your friends like friends. This is a friendly reminder that the people in your bridal party are actually your friends and relatives and you care about them. You care about their financial situations. You care about how they feel about their bodies in clothes. You care about how much or little free time they have to devote to you, and you also care about what is happening in their own non-getting-married lives. It might mean that you opt for a less expensive dress if a few of them are having trouble with money. It might mean you make the bachelorette optional and not I-will-never-forgive-you-mandatory. It might even mean you break the no-dates rule because you know someone would really like their significant other there.    Thanks for reading and Happy New Year! {Lindsey}