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Aug 29, 2013

On July 20, 2013, Betsy Bride Allison Milgram married Chris Reymann at a beautiful ceremony held at the Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel. It was elegant. It was romantic. And it was oh so much fun. An amazing honeymoon to Aruba followed, and now she is back to give us all the details. How did you and your fiancé meet? We met 8 years ago at the beginning of our junior year of high school. We sat next to each other in English class and had several other classes together that year. Chris asked me to our homecoming dance and we began dating shortly after that, in November 2005. We both went to separate colleges (I was at the University of Maryland and Chris went to Catholic University of America). They were close in location and we continued dating all through college and into our careers. Chris is an Engineer and I am a Teacher. About a year after landing our dream jobs we decided to get a dog together. Little did I know, when we went to pick up the dog from the breeder, our white English lab puppy was wearing a collar that said, Marry Me. No sooner did I read the dog tag, I saw Chris on one knee holding our puppy in one hand and a beautiful ring in the other. Of course, I said, YES!! What made you choose your dress? I first saw my dress on a bridal website and absolutely loved it. I called Betsy Robinson to make sure they had it at the store before making an appointment. The dress was actually over my budget, and although I hesitated, I just had to try it on. After trying on several more dresses, all I could think about was that first dress. I kept comparing every other dress to that first one that I had fallen in love with. I tried the dress on one last time and I knew immediately that it was my wedding dress. I am still shocked that I saw it online and felt that this was my dress before even putting it on, but it was just meant to be. What was your favorite moment of your wedding? My favorite part of the wedding reception was dancing the Hora, a traditional dance at Jewish weddings. I am Jewish and my husband is Catholic. During the dance, everyone came together to celebrate regardless of religious background. It was exactly what our union was about and it was perfect having all of our loved ones join in this fun, energetic, and memorable dance. Do you have one piece of advice for future brides? When you are walking down the aisle, stop when you are ¼ of the way down. Look around at the décor, your guests, and of course your future husband. Take everything in. Once you are ready, walk the rest of the way down the aisle. The rest of the wedding goes by very quickly, but having the memory of that one moment is amazing. My wedding coordinator gave me that piece of advice and I am very grateful for that. Dani Leigh Photography Dani Leigh Photography