Autumn Weddings

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Sep 21, 2015

fall-wedding-bouquet-flower-ideas-008   The temperatures are still fluctuating and the leaves remain unchanged, but it is almost officially fall and in rare moments throughout the day it has started to feel like it. The evenings and the early mornings have cooled down. The air smells different and the late afternoon sun has taken on an orangey glow. These signs of course all point to scarves and sweaters and nutmeg, but they also point to weddings. Fall weddings continue to rise in popularity giving the summer months a good run for their money. The milder weather, especially in hotter climates, is certainly a bonus of fall weddings, but here are some other things to look forward to as wedding season, round two, gets underway.   The Color Palette This doesnt mean that your bridesmaids have to walk down the aisle looking like fallen leaves, but fall does allow you the opportunity to embrace a richer color palette. Jewel tones. Mustard yellow. Cranberry. Evergreen. These are sumptuous colors that while they can be used in any season, feel particularly poignant in autumn. They add a certain warmth to the slight chill in the air.   Pumpkins For once, I am not talking about pumpkin flavored things. Im talking about the actual pumpkin. You can carve them. You can paint them. They dont even have to be orange. You can use them as centerpieces. You can get tiny ones and use them as your escort cards. You can use pumpkins subtly or overtly, but either way they fit.   The Outdoors Summer outdoor weddings are beautiful and perhaps more predictable in terms of the weather, but an outdoor wedding with the fall foliage as a backdrop is pretty hard to beat. Even if you opt for the indoor ceremony you will still have the opportunity to crunch through he new fallen leaves and snap pics in the brilliant colors.   Keeping Warm Depending on when in the fall your wedding is the odds are it wont be freezing cold, but as long as you plan ahead you can end up having even more fun even it is. Imagine a cute basket full of vintage shawls with a hand printed signs inviting guests to stay warm during the ceremony. Then picture your photos as you and your spouse embrace wrapped in a flannel blanket as the sun sets. Finally, dont forget about hot apple cider and hot chocolate served in bright mugs. Guest will feel welcomed, cozy and well taken care of.   {Lindsey}