An Update on How to Order Bridesmaid Dresses at Betsy Robinson's

An Update on How to Order Bridesmaid Dresses at Betsy Robinson's

An Update on How to Order Bridesmaid Dresses at Betsy Robinson's. Mobile Image

Nov 16, 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has radically changed our year, just as Im sure it has changed yours. Weve done a lot of pivoting, and a lot of trimming. Everything, with the exception probably of our sweat pants, has gotten smaller this year. Wedding guest lists have been paired down. Our appointments and hours have been carved down to the necessities, and weve had to restrict the number of guests allowed.   One of the key things that Covid-19forced us to do was to stop taking bridesmaid appointments. With a more limited staff and limited space, we had to make the choice to focus on our brides. The bridesmaid department has been virtually shut down since March, but were happy to report that some things are returning to normal.   Well, two steps forward, one step back, right?   You are now able to book an appointment for bridesmaids to shop for gowns, but with a few additional restrictions.  

Serving Our Betsy Brides

  The first change is the biggest change. At this time, we are only able to accommodate bridesmaid appointments for our brides. That means if you did not purchase your bridal gown here, we unfortunately arent able to assist you with bridesmaid dresses. Its an issue of space, occupancy, and above all, safety.  

Putting Brides First

  The next difference is that we are only taking bridesmaid appointments during the week. We know that everyone loves weekend appointments, but at this time, we have to give priority to brides shopping for their dream dress. We really appreciate your patience and understanding as we try to accommodate everyone as best as possible.  

Limiting Guests

  And the last change is that we are asking that bridesmaid appointments be limited to the bride and 3 bridesmaids. In many cases we know that doesnt cover the whole bridal party. It may mean making multiple appointments or using technology to include others virtually. We know its not an ideal situation, and again, we thank you for your understanding.         So as we reflect on these new restrictions and in keeping with the season, we remain so thankful for all of you. We appreciate your patience, your patronage and your ability to, yep, pivot.   Be well and please call with questions about booking a bridesmaid appointment. 410.484.4600 {Lindsey}