Alternative Bouquet Ideas

Alternative Bouquet Ideas. Mobile Image

Mar 17, 2016

Its starting to feel a little like spring around here and although I dont want to jinx anything, I thought it might be nice on this lovely sunny day to talk about wedding flowers. Weddings and flowers go hand in hand and its amazing the effect that a few vases full of flowers, arranged with care, can have on a hall or church or ballroom. Its also amazing the different materials you can use to make your own floral d├ęcor or bouquets. For those who dont have the budget for real flowers there are lots of easy ways to make your own. From fabric to paper to old brooches there are lots of ways to trim some money from your flower budget and say, oh, I dont know, add a little to your gown budget. If youre so inclined.   52bb8946-4c40-11e4-843f-22000aa61a3e~rs_729   The Brooch Bouquet This bouquet really works hard for you and your special day. It looks beautiful and unique, it makes a great keepsake for after the wedding, and it covers your something old, new, borrowed and blue if you play your cards right. You can make these bouquets using brooches you collect from thrift stores and what not, but you can also collect brooches from the important women in your life. That way you carry a little memento of them with you down the aisle.   f4c67cbf-4930-d817-7be1-42f7cc58f8c8~rs_729   Paper Flowers I have made a million paper flowers, and I can tell you firsthand that they are a lot of bang for your buck. They are easy to make, even if you arent big into DIY, all you need to buy is paper, and they look stunning when you group them all together. Pinterest is peppered with hundreds of ways to make flowers and there are at least a dozen books and videos on the subject, so you wont be alone if you choose this path.   3e067a00-47bd-11e5-9816-22000aa61a3e~rs_729   Fabric Flowers My own bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets were all made of knit flowers. I didnt have the budget for real flowers, but I also liked the idea of having something that could last. As with paper flowers there are lots of options and styles available and all it takes is one or two semi-crafty bridesmaids and youre set.   Whats great about these different floral options is that you dont have to choose one and completely rule out real flowers all together. You can still add fresh flowers here and there on the tables or by the altar and youll still be saving some money by using these alternatives for you and your bridesmaids.   {Lindsey}