All About Eve: Get Ready for Our Eve of Milady Trunk Show

All About Eve: Get Ready for Our Eve of Milady Trunk Show. Mobile Image

Jan 31, 2019

Next weekend is our Eve of Milady bridal Trunk Show, and as one of our most fascinating designers, its the perfect time to get to know her and her gowns.   Eve of Milady gowns are very different from most of the gowns we carry. The lace patterns are designed and cut by Eve herself, and the silhouettes are daring and dramatic. Though youll find Eve of Milady gowns at a whole host of venues, they have a certain regal air. These gowns fill up cathedrals and castles. They make grand entrances.     Theyre also sexy. Curve-hugging silhouettes, plunging necklines, and sheer lace are quite common in Eve gowns. And the fit is fantastic. Thats because these couture gowns are made using each brides custom measurements. They have structure. Eve of Milady gowns are as engineered as they are designed.   Its also simply fun to look at them. Just like a fine painting, the more you look, the more you uncover. There is drama everywhere and as dramatic as the billowing skirts and long trains are on these gowns, there is also drama in the details. From beading and embroidery to a layering of textures and fabrics, Eve of Milady gowns drip with opulence. They are as captivating up close as they are from far away and vice versa.     Likewise they are beautiful from all angles. Of course there are lots of gowns with pretty fronts and backs, but these gown operate on another level. In fact, its hard to say sometimes which is more beautiful: the bride walking up the aisle or walking back. One quick glance over her shoulder at the yards of fabric behind her, make it pretty hard to decide.   So if these Eve dresses have you texting friends rapidly and pinning images to your Pinterest board then don't miss your chance to try them on in person at our Trunk Show (Feb. 8th-10th). To make your appointment, call 410.484.4600.   {Lindsey}