After The Party

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May 27, 2015

il_fullxfull.358007899_898s   My husband and I spent a little over a year planning our wedding together. We did the bulk of the work ourselves and it occupied a good deal of our free time. I devoted hours to DIY projects like hand-making envelopes and invitations. I became an expert crafter and I really enjoyed it despite the extra work. My husband enjoyed being the point-person with all our vendors. He liked the responsibility of writing emails and making phone calls to keep us on track. Rather than complain about the extra work we both looked at it as a hobby and a sort of team-building exercise.   But as the wedding neared my feelings of excitement and accomplishment were mixed with something that felt like dread. The dread was not about the wedding, but about what would I do after there was no wedding to plan. What would I do when not only was there nothing to do, but no big event to look forward to? Would I be blue? Would I just sit and look through my wedding album for hours at a time? Would I parade around in my wedding dress to try to lift my spirits?   Of course I was worried for no reason, but its reasonable for brides to expect a little post-wedding let-down. You just planned, hands-down, the best party you have ever been to and now its over. To make matters worse you probably just went on the best vacation ever, and now you have to come back. Now its back to reality.   Except that after your wedding the reality is different, and all the humdrum stuff is suddenly just a little more exciting. So if you find yourself with some post-wedding blues try a couple of these tricks.   Invite People Over You are now a couple! Even if you lived together before, having guests over takes on a subtle little nuance. You have created a home. You have stocked it, often with a lot of help from your wedding guests, with all the little essentials of an everyday household. You have cloth napkins now and glasses for every kind of cocktail imaginable. You are ready to host parties that remind everyone what wonderful hosts you are.   Introduce Yourselves Post-wedding blues are no match for the thrill of introducing or being introduced as a spouse. Two years later, and I still havent fully wrapped my head around the word wife. Or husband for that matter.   Write Your Thank You Notes They can be a chore to do, but you do them because they are important and because you are so thankful and grateful that you might burst. But they also give you a great opportunity to reminisce about the big day. As you carefully craft each note you will be reminded of each person and the moments you spent with them at the wedding. You will think about the dancing and the music and the antics and the excitement, and you might even write more than you thought you would.   Cook Actual Meals Chances are you probably received an item or two for your kitchen as a wedding gift, and chances are some of them are still tucked away in their boxes. Now is the time to take them out and put them to use together. Im a firm believer in the kitchen. Its the place to gather, to come together, to slough off the troubles of the work day and talk about fun things while you slice veggies or boil water. Try a new recipe. Have a cooking disaster or a cooking adventure. {Lindsey}