Adorable Dessert Options

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Mar 26, 2015

French macarons are undeniably one of the most adorable current wedding trends. The color and flavor combinations are endless, and the display opportunities are enough to make any avid instagram-er swoon. No one single food item will up the ante of your wedding quite like a cascading display of little pastel French macarons will. But they can be expensive, and are notoriously finicky to try to bake on your own. They are also a luxury. You dont need them on your dessert table, but boy do you want them.   Ok, so what really makes these little guys so desirable? The size for sure. They are a tiny little sandwich! And then there are the colors; we are all suckers for bright colors. Its also a huge trend, and as couples are planning their weddings they can certainly be made to feel that they must succumb to certain trends. Understandable, but French macarons are not the only dessert capable of bringing cuteness to the table.   Lemon Poppy seed Linzer Cookies DSC_0124-680x1024   Or really any Linzer cookie. They have the tiny little sandwich factor covered and they can likewise be made in a variety of flavors. You can also play around with their shape and the shape of the cutout on top allowing you to make it personal to you and your wedding. I love the brightness of the lemon filling here and the detail of the poppy seeds. They give off a perfect rustic charm and the dusting of powdered sugar adds a little whimsy, too.     Shortbread 01724dce9c3527a6aa5479ddb6fee956   Shortbread cookies are in many ways the opposite of a luxury dessert. They only take three ingredients to make and at first glance they look a bit on the plain side, but they can really serve as a blank canvas. They are a slightly more sophisticated version of a sugar cookie, after all, British people eat them at teatime, but they offer the same opportunity as the sugar cookie to embellish. You can make them in any color and shape you want and you can indent them with patterns, your initials, or the date of your wedding.   Mini Stacked Cookies SomethingTurquoise-DIY-stacked-wedding-cake-cookies_0002   These little guys are amazing because the only thing better than cake at your wedding is little individual cakes. Of course, baking miniature cakes for everyone would be a big expense, so again, you get the wow factor, but you can still save on the price. How? Teamwork. It would be a lot to ask your bridesmaids or your mother or aunts to get together and bake a batch of mini cakes, but they can totally crank out a bunch of sugar cookies, ice them and stack them on each other.   {Lindsey}