A Pink and Gold Wedding

A Pink and Gold Wedding. Mobile Image

Jun 15, 2015

pink and gold   Ive been in a real pink and gold mood lately and the internet seems to have taken notice. Everywhere I look I see combinations of pinks and golds and everything looks so sweet and delicate that it seems made for a wedding. This serves as a great reminder to not over-think your color palette; take advantage of what you see reoccurring around you. Why drive yourself crazy by picking obscure shades that are hard to match when you could be using something classic and popular. You are always going to be able to find plenty of decorations and accessories in pink and gold and trust me, when youre working hard to plan a wedding you could do with a little ease and convenience.   For example, it is never going to be hard to find gold shoes and gold shoes will go with any bridal gown whether it's ivory, white or oatmeal. It's also never going to be hard to find gold candle holders, placemats or jewelry. This also makes it easier for your wedding party to find the accessories and decor that you need and no one has to get a headache over it.   {Lindsey}