A Handmade Valentine's Day

A Handmade Valentine's Day. Mobile Image

Feb 03, 2016

INSTAV-DAY1   Valentines Day is right around the corner, and if its a significant one for you (like your first married Valentines Day or your first engaged Valentines Day) then you probably really want to make it count. Even if you dont typically celebrate the holiday I encourage you to embrace it this time around. In fact, maybe it isnt a significant holiday for you, but why not make it one?   From where Im sitting the best way to make something special is to actually make it. So if you want a special Valentines Day there are three homemade components that you need: a card, a dinner and a dessert. You might prefer to skip making dinner and opt for going somewhere fancy, but I tend to favor a night-in free of battling limited menus and wait lists. So if youre willing, here is all you have to do to up your Valentines Day game.   A Card You take a piece of cardstock or construction paper, fold it in half, and youre already halfway there. Your skill level with paper and scissors and glue will determine just how intricate your card is, but even a simple heart glued to the front is all you really need. Why? Because people dont make things; people buy things. So as soon as you make something, with your own hands, youre already winning. It also helps if you take the opportunity to fill the card with nice words. Hallmark cards never say what you really want them to say anyway, so now is the time to bare your soul in the name of love. Or at least be cute.   A Dinner This one is easy because you can do it together. Im a big proponent of couples cooking together. A surprise dinner is great too, but when you make it together you get to have fun. You get a glass a wine, you turn on some music, and maybe you dance in the kitchen. You can try a more advanced recipe and you can spend what you would have spent on a meal out on getting really high quality ingredients. Youll get a sense of accomplishment, youll get to make a memory, and youll get to eat at the most exclusive little bistro in town.   A Dessert Desserts are romantic and special because they are a luxury, an indulgence. How often do you really have or make dessert? Probably not often, but it is a nice way to finish a meal. Again its a great chance to try something new and to make something rich and decadent. Me, myself Id save the dessert as a surprise and make sure to pair it with a nice drink.   And just like that, voila. Youve made a nice evening for you and your sweetheart, you didnt have to spend a lot of money, you didnt have to buy a cliché teddy bear, and you still got to make the celebration special.   {Lindsey}