5 Things You Need for a Baltimore Wedding

5 Things You Need for a Baltimore Wedding. Mobile Image

Jun 30, 2014

nattyboh.htm_txt_Mr._Boh1. Mr. Boh The obvious choice is to have Natty Boh at the bar, but if you arent a fan (what?) you can always use the beers handsome mascot in a number of ways. Mr. Boh and Sally Utz atop your wedding cake. Mr. Bohs signature mustaches for the photo booth. Or how about an adorable I Boh-lieve in love sign?   mock-old-bay-seasoning   2. Old Bay There are so many ways to incorporate this Maryland staple into your wedding. Crab cakes, crab chips, French fries, all smothered in Old Bay. Place cards made of Old Bay tins. Or my favorite, Old Bay Salted Caramel Ice Cream from the Charmery, which is amazing. Amazing.   images3. Berger Cookies Wedding favors can be hit or miss, and lets face it, most people dont need a wine glass with your wedding date etched into, but anything edible is always a win. So give guests a taste of Baltimore by packaging up a cookie and leaving it at their place setting. You can have some fun and use ribbon or a sticker or a nicely penned card that coordinates with your invitations. Of course your caterer can also find great ways to incorporate Berger cookies into the menu. Berger cookie cake? Yes, please.   Edgar_Allan_Poe_2_retouched_and_transparent_bg4. Edgar Allan Poe This is a little tricky if you arent going for a Halloween themed wedding full of the macabre, but still not impossible. Cupcakes with the famed literary figure silhouetted on fluffy white frosting would not only make for great photographs, but who can say no to a cupcake? Not to mentions ravens or using the word nevermore in a sweet or comical way. And they were a part nevermore. Or and Mike had control of the remote nevermore.   baltimore-rowhouses-3   5. The Architecture Ok, so Baltimore might not have the most recognizable skyscrapers, or really many skyscrapers at all, but it does have a distinct architecture. The Domino Sugar sign. The Can Company. The Belvedere. The George Washington Monument. The row homes. The rooftop decks. The Tower in Druid Hill Park. All these places can be used to create invitations, menus, and place cards or even an abstract backdrop for the ceremony itself.