4 Approaches to Choosing Your Wedding Colors

4 Approaches to Choosing Your Wedding Colors. Mobile Image

Jul 17, 2013

Of all the decisions that a bride is faced with over the course of the wedding planning process, picking colors seems like one of the easier ones. Pick three colors. Sure. No problem. Make it a challenge. Why not make it four colors? It seems easy because color and inspiration are everyone and because every bride and groom have favorite colors. The infinite and limitless possibilities are also what can make the process difficult, especially for the indecisive bride, but here are a few tips. 1. Concentrate on Shades, Not Colors Instead of picking say, blue, white and pink. Try blues, pinks, and accents of white and ivory. This way you dont have to drive yourself crazy trying to match attendant dresses to ties to tablecloths. Shades represent a color theme in the same way that a specific color does, but without all the hassle. 2. Ombre Ole This one is super easy. It has the ease of the shades idea, but instead of multiple colors, all you have to pick is one. Just head over to the paint department of any home improvement store, peruse the paint chip samples and before you know it youll have your color palette. What makes it especially bride-friendly is that it allows for main colors and accent colors that are built in. Maybe bright orange is too harsh for the dresses, but when it fades into a pale sort of peach, it will be perfect for those long chiffon gowns and the orange can be incorporated somewhere else. 3. Think more abstract, less literal This is where you can look to your relationship for inspiration or draw colors from some of your most meaningful possessions; the sweater he gave you for Christmas; the cover of your favorite book, the painting you were standing in front of the first time you met; your vintage engagement ring. The list is endless. This gives you a little more freedom from the notion do these colors go together because you can always refer back to the original inspiration in some way. If you choose the painting you met in front of, then display the painting at the wedding in some form. This will tie everything together and whether guests are conscious of it, they will feel there is a theme and structure to your choices. 4. Keep it Nuetral When in doubt about your color scheme, consider the "non-colors" such as white, ivory, beige, champagne, and black. They offer a look that is clean and classic with plenty of room for pops of color on things like flowers and place settings. Make no mistake, neutral is not another word for boring. In fact, there is something startlingly refreshing about attendants in pale ivory dresses with pale flowers. starrynight